What if applying for a job was as easy as filling up a shopping cart online?

NinjaJOBO is your trained assassin: automating your job hunt, so you can get on with your life.

I built this system to take some of the pain out of the painful tedium that typifies the modern online job search. It actually became something like a fun puzzle for me. For fun, you should check out this cover letter that I wrote.

  1. NinjaJOBO scrapes many job boards and company job portals for job postings.
  2. It then scores job descriptions based on user-defined keywords and ranks them.
  3. To apply to the jobs listed, users need only to check the boxes and then hit "apply".
  4. The robot will go to the company's back-end applicant tracking system (ATS) and fill in all of the user's information automatically (Education, Job History, etc).
  5. NinjaJOBO is smart, choosing a resume and cover letter that most closely matches the job description.